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Positive reward based training

*Puppy Foundation and Bronze level Good Citizen Dog Scheme courses*
Contact us on 07837 676045 or email thomas.ambler@ntlworld.com

One 2 One training. Please look at services page for details.

Positive Reinforcement Training 'Bridges the language gap between you and your dog'. At Tahamasa Canine Academy, we teach you how to understand what your dog's saying to you.

Does your dog pull you down the street? Does it jump up on people you meet or visitors to your home? Is the barking becoming a nuiscance for your neighbours? Dont despair these are quite normal behaviours for a dog but not socially acceptable to us. Help is at hand. At Tahamasa Canine Academy we can help you with these and many other 'annoying' behaviours.
Call us or take a look at our services page and pick the package that you think will suit you best. Call now on 07837 676045 or send an email to tomthetrainer@tahamasa.com.

To see sone of the work we do or check out our YouTube videos.
Search 'Tahamasa Canine Academy'.

My name is Thomas Ambler. Check out our 'About Me' page for more information on how I became a trainer.


*Check out the gallery for new photos of some of the dogs enjoying a bit of Rally.

"Rally provides a fun, fast paced way to work your dog through stays, healing, various turns, stands, recalls (come when called), finishes and exercises such as jumping, side steps and a moving drop. This is also a fun way to freshen up your every day obedience skills - such as walking on a loose leash by distractions, come when called and stay for when visitors come to the door".

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