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At Tahamasa Canine Academy, Head trainer Thomas and assistant trainer Heather run small intimate classes providing almost personal tuition compared to some of the other clubs in the area where class sizes can be big and sometimes intimidating to nervous or less confident dogs and handlers. Training is done at yours and your dogs speed allowing you both time to get to grips with what can sometimes be a daunting experience. Training is both fun and positive.

At the Academy we adopt a 'hands off' approach to training. We train the dog to 'want' to do the training. This approach has been proven to be both long lasting and more effective than other methods of training. Positive reward training is not a new concept and has been used for many years by people like marine mammal trainers. Lets face it if a 5 tonne killer whale doesnt want to do something how do you make it? You cant, it has to want to do it for the trainer and thats why they are so successful.

It's also worth remembering, Positive Reward Training doesnt always mean treat training. Not all dogs respond to treats. Thats is why here at the Academy part of the learning is understanding what motivates each dog and then uses that, in the training. It means that training is almost tailored for each individual dog.
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