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Karen and Buddy:
Although I thought I was comfortable around dogs, I found that when we took on Buddy, a very nervous rescue dog, I didn't know much at all. He was so nervous that out and about was a trial and I took him to dog training class, or should I call it 'fight nite', as Buddy reacted badly in close proximity to other dogs.
Tom was brilliant! He helped me understand not just buddy's behaviour, but that of other dogs. He explained why Buddy reacted aggressively in various situations and he talked me through how to manage Buddy when around other dogs and build his confidence. Most importantly though he encouraged me to relax and not get so worried when Buddy reacted. I am so much better at remaining calm now and Buddy has improved hugely...Co-incidence? I dont think so. 
Thank you, Tom for your help and support and for being mine and Buddy's pack leader and friend.

George and Gregor:
Gregor came to me through German Shepherd Rescue 15 months ago. At 3 years old he had never been trained to a  lead and socialised. On our early outings he pulled me over trying to go for other dogs. After 3 months (12 sessions) working with THomas, he is now gentle, playful and obedient. He walks well on and off the lead and never pulls. Gregor is now a well rounded dog and a real member of our family. Thank you Tom.

Avril and Candy:
I would like to thank you for all the guidance and assistance you provided in the training of my Golden Retriever 'Candy' when she attended your classes.
In addition you will recall that Candy arrived on the scene not long after I started looking after my two year old grand daughter and I was concerned about the mix between a toddler and a boisterous puppy. At that time you kindly agreed to provide private lessons at my home which proved to be both extremely beneficial to Candy's development and my piece of mind.
Thank you once again and I wish you every success in your dog training business.

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